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SmartPing is the most advanced affiliate platform that provides affiliates with the best online affiliate marketing experience possible. Built for affiliates by affiliates, our software is designed to meet their specific needs. Get the best possible return on the traffic you generate.

When you join Smartping, you’re more than just a number. You’re part of the most extensive affiliate network around. We unite you with those who drive your traffic, and give you all the tools you need to efficiently analyse your performance online.

Why choose Smartping?

SmartPing’s affiliate network allows you to grow your business by generating customers through SMS, email, SEO, PPC and over the phone. Once those leads have been generated, you pass them over to us and we will deploy an army of marketers to work for you.

SmartPing gives you the most advanced features in the market to grow. Track your performance, analyse and increase conversion and generate leading commissions. To achieve superior performance, you need complete, accurate and timely information about your leads – at your fingertips. Smartping helps you to manage your data, so that you can focus on other things.

So whether you’re on-the-go and need to see how things are going or you’re in the office and want an in-depth view, Smartping is available when you need it. On smartphones, tablets, and on computers. It’s the smart way to manage your partnerships.

We consider support as important as our technology and delivery process. Our specialist Account Managers are selected based upon their intimate knowledge of the affiliate sector and your dedicated Account Manager is always on hand and happy to help. They have direct access to your technical team who can dive deeper to investigate any problem and propose multiple solutions if required.


Fast, flexible and transparent commissions

We offer the best commissions in the industry and we pay them on time, every single time - no exceptions. We keep our approach to commission transparent and flexible to make sure we’re always worthy of our affiliates’ trust, whilst allowing them to keep track of their earnings every step of the way.

At SmartPing we are constantly on the lookout for ways to stay one-step ahead of our competition. This results in more business with increased revenues for you. As we continuously grow, we make sure our affiliates grow with us and are never disappointed by our service.


API - We have a very simple integration guide that allows you to post directly into our tree from your form or website.

We have a variety of Email, SMS and Banner templates that you can use to send traffic to our websites. All of our creatives and websites are tested and optimised to get the best conversion from your traffic.

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