Whether you are an established multi-national, or starting out in the world of consumer finance, SmartLead can help you grow your business overnight. We can supply your business with real-time, quality online leads that convert. When you partner with us, you will have multiple choices for receiving traffic, including integrating with our market leading PingTree.

Our Pingtree

As a Smartping buyer, you will sit in our market leading Pingtree. All of the traffic that flows through the PingTree has gone through one of our market leading finance broker websites; therefore the PingTree is only available to direct lenders.

With our Pingtree, you make the decision on whether to purchase the customers, right at the point of sale. If you decide to purchase a lead, the Pingtree boasts the highest redirect success rate in the market, at over 99%.

We own, continually test and optimise these sites to ensure that the journey is clear and transparent for the user, and only the customers who supply valid details during their application are passed through to you.

Direct Marketing Solution

Partners can leverage the Smartping database and marketing expertise to drive traffic directly to your site. If your campaign needs a kickstart, Smartping can work with you on a one-to-one basis to boost your impressions.

Our marketing creatives routinely secure a Click to Conversion rate of 60%. This is achieved through a combination of impactful marketing creatives and enticing landing pages, tied together in a cohesive journey that keeps the customer at the heart.

Take advantage of our Marketing Capabilities on your next consumer finance campaign.


We work alongside hundreds of affiliate marketers. All of the affiliates that work with SmartPing undergo a stringent due-diligence process, so you can be sure that the data you are purchasing has been legitimately sourced and validated. We expect equally high standards from our partners.